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Gabe / on Mon, Jan 6 2003 at 10:12 am


Last night everyone decided to watch some French romantic comedy. I have a hard time sitting through these kinds of movies when they are in English so I escaped into the computer room about half way through. It was right after you find out that the girl and the boy like each other but right before the misunderstanding that makes them think they don’t like each other.

Anyway, I hit the Sammy forum over at just to see what other people were saying about Guilty Gear XX.  While I was there I noticed that a tournament was held for the game right here in Redmond Washington just a few minutes from where I live. I was really bummed that I missed it and I would like to try and set up something like this again. Maybe we could do an official Penny Arcade Guilty Gear XX tournament or something. I am sure I could get some prizes together like posters, shirts and maybe even some games. What we need is a venue for the event to take place in. From what I understand the last one was held at a videogame shop and that worked out pretty well. If you run a game shop or an arcade or something similar in the Seattle area and you would like to host something like this fire me off an e-mail and we can hammer out the details.

A lot of people have mailed me asking about a US release date on the game but I really don’t know an exact date. I have heard that it will be first quarter 2003 which means we could see it in US stores pretty soon. The forum I linked to above has a link to a petition asking Sammy to give the game an official US arcade release. I know some arcades have imported the machine but an official US release would be cool. I think Guilty Gear XX is the game that could revitalize the 2D fighting genre if given the chance.

My new year’s resolution was to try and break out of the artistic rut I have been in lately. My first attempt at doing that is a picture I did yesterday of Chip from Guilty Gear. You can see it here.

-Gabe out

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