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Gabe / on Fri, Jan 24 2003 at 1:08 pm

Need a job?

Here is a funny story. Every Year at E3 we always make an appointment to visit the Bioware booth and see their games on the first day of the show. We always make this appointment for exactly 12:00 in the afternoon. We do this because they always have sandwiches, beer, pop and brownies. Combined with looking at early builds of games like Knights of the Old Republic you can see why this is often our favorite appointment of the show.

Anyway, I just got this in my mail and thought I would post it here. It looks they they are hiring. Honestly, everyone I have met there has been really cool. If you want to work in the industry It seems like a pretty cool place.


BioWare is hiring!

Looking for a job in the gaming industry? Here’s your chance!

BioWare Corp. is hiring for a number of positions in Art, Production, Design, Programming, Sound, Community Development, and Quality Assurance!

The following positions are currently available:

Art (Updated Jan 16)

Senior 3D Artist
3D Visual Effects Artist
Senior Level Artist
Multiple-Skills Artist
Technical Animator
Experienced Art Director
Senior Technical Artist

Community Development

Korean/Asian Development Coordinator/Community Manager


Technical Designer


Senior External Producer
Localization Producer


Art Utility Tools Programmer
Art Pipeline Tools Programmer


Sound Designer


Director of QA

For more information on the jobs available, as well as job requirements, visit the BioWare jobs page at:

For information on life in Edmonton, check out this webpage:


I guess they aren’t looking to hire a part time cartoonist to draw star wars characters and play videogames while he eats delicious Canadian sandwiches. Oh well.

-Gabe out

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