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Gabe / on Mon, Feb 17 2003 at 9:34 am


So I went and Saw Daredevil yesterday. I thought it was pretty good but I think that is only because I am a pretty big Daredevil fan. This movie is what Daredevil would be like if it was a television show on the WB. Silly special effects and poorly produced fight sequences. I actually found myself enjoying the sequences with Matt Murdock more than those with Daredevil. I am not a big Ben Affleck fan or anything but the banter between him and Foggy Nelson, his partner was really good stuff. It never felt forced or rehearsed like every other bit of dialogue in the film.

Seeing Kevin Smith in the film was a nice surprise but it only served to remind me of his own take on the character which was about a million times more interesting. Most people will tell you Frank Miller wrote the greatest Daredevil story ever but I honestly think Kevin Smith’s “Guardian Devil” series with Quesada is my favorite. As soon as I saw him it brought back memories of those books and I just felt even more let down by what I was seeing on the screen.

Oh well, it was still Daredevil on the big screen. It was fun to watch him jump around and stuff. The way they did his second sight shit was awesome. Will I get it on DVD? Probably not. Go see it some afternoon though if for no other reason than to see the bad ass X-Men 2 trailer.

So the Synaptics touchpad on my Acer TravelMate C100 tablet PC decided to stop working a few days ago. I tried reinstalling the drivers and got nothing. The properties box for the device says “Hardware not installed” so the little fucker doesn’t even think I have a touchpad anymore. I have heard that both the tablet version of XP as well as the standard version have issues with touchpads. If you have any ideas about how to fix this or if you work at Acer and you want to send me a new C102 for my troubles please send me a mail.

-Gabe out

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