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Tycho / on Wed, Feb 19 2003 at 7:11 am

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The Real Gabriel

I keep having trouble uploading strips, my apologies, but here you are.

One would hope that after a few years exposed to Gabriel’s “unique” perspective, any ideas you might have had about him not being a reprobate have dissolved entirely.  If his callous acts and intense, serial frivolity were not enough to set you right, behold!  Incontrovertible proof of his true nature, from the GamerTag Database.  The young man in the comments section there has described, indeed, compressed Gabriel into twelve words.  He was, of course, overjoyed

Because I like rumors, and I think that rumors are fun, lets talk about a rumor for a second.

I believe I’m on record as saying that the only console capable of Splinter Cell was the Xbox and maybe the GameCube.  Clearly, I fucked that one up.  For better or worse, the game is even coming out for the GameBoy Advance, though I’m not sure that counts for these purposes.  I still think I’m sorta right, but you can be the judge of that - there’s still very little chance of downloadable episodes on any other platform, right?  I’m sure they’ll make me regret that, too.

This Eurogamer article is all sunshine and roses for the PS2 port, which is fine by me.  I won’t know until I play it how good it is.  But I think that it had to be good, great in fact, and it had to have exclusive content, because Splinter Cell was one of very few cases where you could say, “Here is something you simply can’t have on the PS2.”  Visually, it challenged the Playstation 2 to do better.  I am of the opinion that the PS2 release of the game is one part product and one part press release about the system’s continuing technological viability.   

The rumor I heard goes like this:  Ubi Soft had no problems doing the GameCube version, but they had misgivings about trying to make the jump to the PS2 hardware.  So it is told, they refused to convert the game at all unless Sony itself paid for the graphics engine to be rebuilt from the ground up.  Like I said, I loves me some rumors so who knows if it is legitimate.  It does, however, fit my natural biases! 

You might remember the piece I did on Zettai Zetsumei Toshi for the Rising Fun section.  Looking online, I see that the U.S. release - called “Disaster Report” - should be in stores today.  I had no idea it had just come out actually, the reason I brought it up was this screenshot over at Gamespot that illustrates some of the points in my article.

(CW)TB out.

i hope that someone gets my

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