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Gabe / on Wed, Mar 19 2003 at 5:00 pm

Z3LD4? M0R3 L1k3 C3LD4!

We did a comic about it already but I think it’s funny that I go for months without playing my Gamecube and then when I DO play it the game I play is amazing. From Mario Sunshine to Metroid to Zelda these are absolutely stellar titles. Zelda in particular stands out as one of the most polished gaming experiences I’ve ever had. Let the kids argue in their forums about its “new look” if they want to. They think it looks stupid or corny or whatever and that is to be expected. The fact is, most people don’t appreciate art and that is what Zelda is. A group of children giggling in front of a nude painting doesn’t mean it’s a terrible painting. They simply are not sophisticated enough to appreciate it. It is the same with Zelda. Don’t let the idiots dissuade you from picking up this game and enjoying it for what it is,  an unparalleled and inspired work of interactive art.

-Gabe out

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