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Tycho / on Wed, Apr 9 2003 at 11:27 am

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Yunsung = SC2 Hwang.  He’s not as much of a Xianghua ripoff in this one, but they’re more or less the same chars, far as I know.


He’s right, in a way.  Yunsung and Hwang both learned at the foot of Master Seung Han Myong, which is why I tried to go with him at first.  It just didn’t take, there’s many discussions about which one is better but a lot of agreement on the fact that they are very disctinct.

Also!  Playing more Def Jam Vendetta, it occurred to me that somebody really needs to get in there and try to market this wrestling thing.  Do it up right with over the top moves and strong personalities.  I’m shocked no-one has thought of this yet, I think it could be big.


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