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Tycho / on Mon, May 12 2003 at 8:34 am

This Is What I Mean

Dear Tycho,

I have an observation about the comic’s theory that Powerade drunk in the Matrix wouldn’t refresh, as it’s virtual.

Remember that the body that is drinking it is virtual, too. It’s a computer generated illusion of the self that’s actually taking the Powerade. Thusly, since it’s virtual powerade and a virtual body, it’s highly possible Powerade is programmed to do to the illusory body what it might do to a real body.

Let’s say someone was run down in the Matrix. Their REAL body in the power plant may not actually be run down, but the Matrix tells them they are. So, they drink this stuff, and the program restores whatever bit of the program Powerade can recharge, allowing the person to continue activities.

Then again, this all returns to the theory that, if the real body wasn’t affected by the wear, why it would benefit from the restoration of energy in the virtual body. It’s unlikely, considering how powerful the Matrix can be in someone’s mind, that a person with more energy might release more heat, but there’s been no evidence in any of the movies to suggest that. So, it looks like I haven’t made a push in either direction (as I tend to).

Well, in any case, I think strategized marketecture is only a bad thing when it is shameless or it doesn’t make us laugh.


King Kool


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