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Tycho / on Mon, May 26 2003 at 10:20 am

The Bevolence Department

One, Corey from If Then Else Online wanted to thank you all for breaking his server last time, and he wanted to say that he has some bandwidth now for you to soak up.  This young man made a very good impression on us at The Emerald City Comic Con, as well as the SakuraCon, so, if you wouldn’t mind...

Also, I’ve been telling MG from Slackers that I would link him for fucking ever, and I never did it.  We met because a host had stolen his domain - which happens to the best of us from time to time - and he needed moral support.  I didn’t have any of that, but I did tell him a story about a penguin who became a professional hockey player, and that seemed to amuse him. 

Also, I’m indebted to him - and not just for the many bootleg VCDs he sent me all the way from Asia.  He gave me a link to Talking Cock, which isn’t what you think.  It’s a dictionary comprised of terms in “Singlish,” the colloquial term for the mix of English and Asian languages unique to Singapore.  It is the bomb track.

A friend of his needs blood, too - wow, that was kind of a rough segue.  If you live in Singapore and have some extra A+ blood please check out his request.  I’m not saying Penny Arcade readers blanket the globe or anything, but I had to give it a shot.


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