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Tycho / on Mon, May 26 2003 at 8:24 am

Xbox Live

When discussing the Xbox version of Return To Castle Wolfenstein, I suggested that there were people out there running servers who had no business hosting them on their anemic connections.  A human being wrote in to say that people shouldn’t have to run their own Xbox Live servers.  That is a separate issue, but in my opinion, it is quite a valid point.

When we attended the “Xbox Live Boot Camp,” that was one of my main questions, in fact - would there be high-quality, centrally hosted servers for people to join?  I can’t imagine that there are a huge percentage of people buying an extra console just to use it as a game server on Xbox Live, but people do all kinds of shit I can’t imagine, so who knows.  Let’s be clear, though - now we’d be talking about two Xbox Live accounts as well, which further cuts it down.  The response I got, which I was very satisfied with at the time, goes like this:  We constantly monitor the games that are being played and will add servers when they are needed.   

I don’t see evidence of this policy. 

I don’t jump on there and see plenty of official servers.  You can go back through my posts if you are a crazy person and want to see all the times I’ve proclaimed my undying devotion to Live.  I even saw them at The Gorge.  But I also don’t like it when people lie to me. 


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