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Gabe / on Wed, Jul 30 2003 at 11:50 pm

I got a lot of mail from people requesting I scan and post the pictures I got from Stephen Silver and Stan Sakai. They are actually being shipped back up from SDCC and should be here in a few days. Once I have them both I’ll scan them for you guys.

I also wanted to post links to a few more of the amazing artists I met down there.

Adam works at Blizzard and has decided recently to try his had at making a web comic. I highly suggest you check it out. This guy just destroys me with his talent. He’s got a couple how to guides available that will make you vomit.

I picked up Keith’s sketchbook at the show and spent an entire night in my hotel room drooling and copying drawings right out of it in an effort to understand his process. During the sketchbook party I attended he drew me some Star Wars characters that I will soon have framed on my wall.

I met Allen at the same Sketchbook party and we talked about web comics and the comic book industry in general for about four fucking hours. I have one of the drawings he gave me on my desktop at work and above it I wrote “LINE” and “SHAPE”. When I’m struggling with a picture now I can look at his work and it will remind of the things I need to concentrate on.

-Gabe out

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