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Gabe / on Fri, Nov 7 2003 at 11:51 am


Just a reminder that the fourth and final page of our Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon comic is now available. You can read the entire thing right here if you’re interested. The response to CTHD has been awesome. Thank you to everyone who wrote in and complimented ourstuff so it was really nice to see that you all liked it as much as you did.

Well if you liked CTHD you are probably gonna like what we have coming up next. We just started work on our next comic which will be based on the game Rainbow Six. It’s going to be twice the size of CTHD and pack a ton of action. Assuming I can stop playing the game long enough to draw a comic about it you should see it online relatively soon. My first step towards totally blowing that goal is to play all fucking day tomorrow. I’ll be online with Brad and maybe Tycho if you want to join us for some terrorist hunt or whatever. As you can see my work ethic is rock fucking solid.

-Gabe out

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