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Gabe / on Fri, Dec 12 2003 at 7:13 am

Samurai Spirits Zero!

When I think back on my life as a gamer, there are a few video games that really stand out as having solidified my love of games. One of the big ones was Samurai Showdown 2. This was back when arcades were filthy, smoke filled pits, rather than the family friendly pizza/mini golf joints they are today. Tycho and I would hang out at the Electron Palace playing SS2 whenever we could. After seven years of waiting for a new Samurai Showdown game, SNK has finally delivered. Samurai Spirits 0 is the latest game in the series and all the early reviews I’ve read seem to say this game feels like Samurai Showdown 2. I’ll admit I wasn’t crazy about SS3 or 4 so to hear that they have gone back to their roots makes me as happy as can be.

Being the SNK freak that I am, I actually own a couple Neo-Geo machines. I also make extremely poor money decisions. I have little or no self control when it comes to the latest games and or gadgets. I have in the past cleaned out my savings account in order to purchase a single Neo Geo cartridge. I’m turning over a new leaf though! I’m twenty six years old for God’s sake. I can’t just go and spend three hundred dollars on a videogame. I need to think about things like food and rent, instead of how totally fucking awesome Haohmaru is. It’s time I grew up and started taking some responsibility for my actions. So I will not be selling off my furniture or emptying my savings account to purchase SS 0. I will be strong! I stand before you a new man!

Plus, Kara said it’s too expensive.

-Gabe out

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