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Tycho / on Fri, Dec 19 2003 at 5:17 am

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I Like Clothed Parties, Myself

That I am routinely made to suffer at the hands of Brenna and her college friends will hopefully provide some amusement for you.  The facts of the case are quite accurate, I’m afraid.  Also, apparently I said that she liked Samwise Gamgee when she actually likes Boromir, the eldest son of Steward Denethor II.  I really can’t be blamed for not keeping abreast of the fluctuations in her fictional man-harem.

After paring down the last few shipments of toys, we’ve been settling down for some Double Dash with a good deal of regularity.  I neglected to mention something about it that produces displeasure, but now I have a mechanism for resolving it so I’ll just mention both of them. 

We’ve made no effort to obscure the fact that we are Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles devotees - indeed, it was once our constant occupation.  We have enough people to get a good game of it going, though - and since we all own the GBA, making it happen is not an inconceivable feat.  For you to really maximize Mario Kart: Double Dash, it requires a level of planning that borders on the impossible for a single group of friends.  Instead of just one cube and four GBAs you should own anyway, you need not only four consoles, four games, and four televisions - the standard fixings for Halo - you need to have four Broadband Adapters, a Nintendo peripheral for which there is really no compelling interest otherwise.  Outside of some supernatural event, the only way you’re going to get a decent race going would be with Warp Pipe.  Let’s talk about what we’re aiming for, though:  an eight car race, each one carrying a co-operative team of two riders.  However implausible, that does seem like a goal worth working toward, an act of pure volition. 

We haven’t done any kind of event in a while, but I have obtained the ridiculous and virtually useless Broadband Adapters so I think we’re a go for a January or February eight kart extravaganza at our usual haunt.  I have a sense that it will be fantastic, perhaps even legendary, but the material components for such a feat are so fanciful that they’re almost daring you to try and set it up.     

We’re nearing the culmination of Child’s Play, where (one presumes) the universe will explode with color.  It is my belief that individual toys will arrive into mid-January at least, so there may be another decent sized load that we need to deliver - but on Sunday we’ll empty the last of the staging area into the main facility, and then on Monday we’ll convey our considerable volume of amusements to the Hospital itself.  Would you like to help?  It may not be fun, our best estimates suggest that you will need to show up at 5:30 in the morning and toil like Christmas elves.  If that’s how you get down, please send a mail over to

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