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Tycho / on Fri, Jan 16 2004 at 12:24 am

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I Can See The Start Of A Tiny Halo

Apparently someone said a bad word.  Someone did not think of the children, as we are often exhorted to do because they are defenseless human larvae.  For our part, we have no authority to discuss coarse language as a social ill.  It has been so long since we could genuinely discern profanity from the mass of other words we employ that we’re the last people you should ask whether or not a particular word will plant a demon seed in our young.

  It’s pretty sick, I know, but outside of the odd bit of Call of Duty with the clan all I’ve been playing is Zuma.  I don’t even mean that as a recommendation, I’m trying to repent.  That’s not hardcore.  If I was into Gunbound or something, you know, riding around a triceratops, that’s got some credentials.  You can sort of flex the edgy gamer thing there.  But Zuma, I mean…  Zuma.  It’s not something you’d want to bring up at a LAN. 

We’re working on fully three full-page comic projects at he moment - Painkiller (which Gabe mentioned) has somehow turned out all reverent and biblical, which are words I do not usually associate with the things I write.  My cohort has something of an angel fixation, which his handle makes clear, but despite what you might have heard angels don’t really lend themselves to humor regarding the game industry.  He’s taking full advantage of this outlet, producing work of a stupefying sort which further attempts to describe would mar. 

The other two projects, I don’t even know if I get to say what they are.  One of them takes place on an island and the other takes place largely in the dark.  I’m not trying to tease you with that data, and by the end of the month they’ll both be starting up so it won’t matter much. 

I finally bit the bullet last night and bought some cards for Star Chamber, hopefully it will shoehorn me off that accursed Zuma.  Similar to Magic Online, opening up a virtual “pack” of cards is accompanied by the sound of foil tearing, an audible cue which vibrates on some geek frequency that electrifies the entire surface of my body.  I could certainly open every pack simultaneously, I have that option, it says so - but I open them individually, because every time I hear that sound my back arches and I have to grip my armrests so I don’t fire off into space.  I’ll cook up a few decks tomorrow probably, maybe hop online and sample the human competition. 

Oh, and don’t forget the Van Helsing trailer.  My take?  Largely inoffensive!

(CW)TB out.

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