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Tycho / on Fri, Jan 23 2004 at 5:54 am

I Wanted To Be Optimistic

But Justin at Game Game Girl Advance actually managed to do it.  This is all in regards to the Nintendo DS, by the way.

I can just unhinge my head and let wonderful ideas come out, too - new marvels of gameplay without definition and conveniences that only a world with two screens could allow.  Hell, I can come up with reasons why it’s good to have a cold or why it’s fun to be down to your last quarter in a good arcade. 

But as for the DS, I’m not going to do Nintendo’s job for them - they can, and should, explain to me why it’s a good thing that they’re putting out the third of three simultaneous platforms.  They need to get crystal clear about GBA compatibility.  They need to start talking price and third parties and battery life and design.  I’ve got my own fantasies about what two screens might mean for my portable genre of choice, turn-based tactical strategy - but I’d rather invest that excitement in a company that doesn’t take my enthusiasm for granted every time they fling some new bullshit into the marketplace.


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