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Gabe / on Mon, Mar 29 2004 at 7:33 am

It’s true that I really enjoy playing my new Warlock character. I’d say my favorite thing to do right now is drain the souls from my enemies, shaping the remnants of their sprit into a small jewel that I can then use later to summon forth unspeakable evils or just make a snack that will give me back all my health.

I took a few screen shots myself in case you are interested.

Here is a nice picture of Kara and me dancing in front of a large pirate ship. I can’t remember why we were dancing, but it may have something to do with the pirate ship I don’t know.

This picture is of Tycho asking his God to return my spirit to its body. I had foolishly decided that I would try running with Tycho and Pork in a new area called Westfall before my character was ready. In return I spent a lot of time face down in the dirt waiting for Tycho to use his holy powers to bring me back. It was very embarrassing for me. I mean, I’m a warlock who spends his days consorting with demons and now I had to rely on some goody two-shoes paladin and his benevolent god to raise me. I swear, as soon as I can summon something to eat him I will.

Here is another one of Tycho and I waiting patiently for Kara to cook us some “beer basted boar ribs”. Funny story about this picture, after Tycho sat down in that chair he could not get back up. He was stuck there and eventually had to log out. Now he refuses to sit in chairs, scared that the same thing might happen.  My character on the other hand has never had a problem sitting in chairs. So now I make sure to sit in every chair we find, just to rub it in his face. I will often make comments about how nice it is to sit down after such a long day of killing monsters, or suggest that maybe it would be safe for him to sit next to me on the hard floor like a dog.

-Gabe out

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