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Gabe / on Wed, Oct 27 2004 at 3:50 pm

Some stuff

I’m still getting tons of mail this morning from people asking for a wallpaper of today’s comic strip. Well I actually made one last night assuming you would want one. Maybe you guys are just missing the link to it at the bottom of Tycho’s post above. So here you go:

I agree with everything Tycho said about the GTA series. I ended up playing San Andreas the same way I played Vice City. I just drive around, listen to the radio and crash into shit. I got tired of the missions in the first hour but exploring the city is still fun. It’s just a bummer to think that in order to open up more of the world I’ll need to go back to doing the missions.

Someone asked me how the new 3D King of Fighters game was. Imagine if the giant trash heap from Fraggle Rock took a shit in your Playstation. That’s what Maximum Impact is like. Garbage shit.

-Gabe out

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