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Gabe / on Sun, Oct 31 2004 at 10:30 am

Some Stuff

My routine for the past few weeks has been pretty much the same. I get home from a long hard day of work at the PA building around 5:00. Then Kara and I play Shadow Hearts 2 until 9:00. Then we give the baby a bath and we all go to bed. Can you believe that? I go to bed at 9:00 at night. Jesus. It used to be that I didn’t even start playing games in the evening until 10:00. Oh well, at any rate we’ll be finishing up Shadow Hearts tonight. We’ve been trying to do all the side quests before we attempt the final battle. When it’s all over I think we’ll have clocked about 50 hours. It’s been awesome from start to finish, I still highly recommend it.

Our plan is to replace our Shadow Hearts 2 time in the evenings with Lord of the Rings: The Third Age which drops tomorrow. I had the opportunity to play this at the Nintendo Gamer Summit a few weeks back and it kick ass. It’s essentially Final Fantasy X set in the LOTR universe. The guy we talked to didn’t even make any apologies. He just said that they took all the stuff that people like the most about the best RPG’s and tried to put it all into one game. One of the great features I saw was that all your equipment is reflected on your in game character even during cut scenes. It was really nice to pick up a new bit of armor and then see it on your character. Even little things like necklaces and rings show up. I’ve seen screen shots of character towards the end of the game decked out in Full Gondor armor and it looks bad ass.

People have been mailing me asking me to post more pictures of baby Gabe. Since I never use my webcam to take pictures of myself, I decided I turn it into a real Gabe cam. You can see it over at Emma’s site with the rest of her cams. I’ll keep it updated so those of you who are interested can check in on his progress every now and then. Hopefully soon there will be pictures of him wielding a PS2 controller. Meanwhile those of you who don’t give a shit won’t be bothered with baby pictures all over your irreverent humor site.

On a side note, if you are an adolescent male and this is your first time visiting Emma’s site let me save you some time. She has a boyfriend and he’s very nice.

-Gabe out

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