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Tycho / on Wed, Jan 12 2005 at 5:00 am

A Potpourri

I saw these shots emerge from some kind of magazine scan a couple days ago, but if you crave unparalleled crispness and freshness from your Star Wars:  Empire At War .jpgs, look no further.  There is also an article that summarizes the known on the title, which admittedly ain’t much.

Our EB actually got RE4 on the ship date, due no doubt to some improbable celestial configuration, and it is so beautiful that it’s almost stupid.  There’s all sorts of alterations to the trademark gameplay, which I’m sure you’ve heard a thousand times - in the same way that the Chunky line of soups remain soups yet eat as though they were meals, this is a Resident Evil game that is still Resident Evil even though you can freelook, enemies drop glowing ammunition, and you can elbow a person’s head right off.  I’ll have more to tell you eventually, but the presentation is simply impeccable thus far.  I had to say something.  The faces alone!

I’m absolutely surrounded by Mikes pretty much all the time, they’re closing in, and one of them asked me if I was familiar with The Order of the StickMe.  Asked me if I knew about it.  Motherfucker, my balls have twenty sides.  Nothing escapes my gaze.  Don’t get in my face with your tabletop trivia unless you want to save for half.   


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