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Tycho / on Wed, Jan 12 2005 at 4:30 am

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Garrison Titan

One of the things on auction at the Child’s Play dinner was an appearance in Penny Arcade, which - as it turns out - goes for about a thousand bucks.  It’s an insane number, and it might have made me feel weird if any of the money actually went to us, but it’s true.  It actually hit twelve hundred dollars if you can believe it, but someone in the audience had the idea that anyone who donated a thousand dollars to the cause could receive for their own the Gabriel Treatment.  We’ve got a handful of those, and over the next few months we’ll be getting to them all, including the erotic dynamos of Red vs Blue.  I have some friends in a local Star Wars group that pooled their money, all nine of them, and it is our pleasure to recognize their contribution today.

Their nine contributions.

At level 33, I’ve finally started having the experiences in World of Warcraft that will really end it for me.  I have stopped utilizing the game world as a source of creative impetus and have begun instead to consider using power tools on human beings in ways explicitly forbidden by the manual.  It’s not even Blizzard’s fault this time, and I’m looking forward to Thursday’s sixteen hour service outage so that I can really examine my life and figure out what is so spiritually injured about it that I feel compelled to be a dwarf all Goddamn night.   

To a great extent, the reason I’ve been having the quality experiences I mention in WoW isn’t just because it’s good.  It’s because I run with a fly crew that watches out for each other and helps the guys coming up.  Grouping has usually involved sending a polite tell to a member of the guild and them having them gallop in on a resplendent war horse.  What I learned tonight is that I should only group with people for whom I have several references and a complete employment history.  I want to sit down with a mysterious wizard before we enter some kind of dinosaur hole and ask him which letters are and aren’t in “Team.”  I want to make sure he understands that just because he can project bolts of elemental flame doesn’t mean that he was chosen by god for some special purpose and thus cannot die.  I only had to go down a few times before realizing that this fucker was actually playing another type of game, against me, one that was not firmly delineated by the application.  He was playing a game where you run directly into a troll camp, and then Trolls kill him, and then they kill you just because they saw you guys hanging out.

I ended up comforting myself with my Broken Saints DVD.  I first found out about the site years ago, as my spy network is vast and keen, and I was told to check out this “webcomic” immediately.  I use the quotation marks because it was apparent at the outset that it wasn’t anything I’d call a webcomic.  It was as though someone had an idea that could have manifested itself as either an impossibly ambitious film or a series of powerful graphic novels and ended up somewhere in the middle.  The DVD removes it even further from webcomicry, adding 5.1 audio and what I’m prepared to call excellent voice acting to what was already a rich musical score.  Now, listen to me.  It’s a four DVD series which hits on topics like spirituality and global capitalism.  The writing is, at times, what I might call…  enthusiastic.  If you already liked the series, the debit card should be coming out at about this point and you should be buying it.  The additions are fantastic and the extras are encyclopedic.  Newcomers can always check out the old site here, and see if the series is for them.  If you find yourself getting into it, don’t hesitate.  You’ll prefer the new version.

(CW)TB out.

she tricked me easy

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