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Gabe / on Wed, Feb 2 2005 at 5:00 am

Let me explain something

I just wanted to remind everyone about Emerald City Comic Con this weekend. We’ll have all our shirts and posters including the new stuff like the “Jesus is Metal” shirt. We’ll also have the last of the Twisp and Catsby prints, numbers 2 through 49. We’ll be selling half of them on Saturday and half on Sunday with a limit of two per person. I recommend getting there early. As usual I’ll be doing sketches and we’ll be signing whatever you bring us…so long as it does not burn sting or bite.

Also a reminder that this month is the last month you can pre-order a copy of Brothers in Arms and get a printed copy of our “Soldier Journal”. If you pre-order either the Xbox or the PS2 version you’ll get a copy. Apologies to the PC gamers out there, trust me that wasn’t our call.

Tycho seems near death which is a real problem since he is my gravy train. There has been a lot of talk recently about creative teams breaking up, but I assure you that will never happen here as long as I can help it. It’s really not even fair to describe us as a creative team since that implies a level of comradery that just isn’t present in our relationship. You see I recognized his talent for writing years ago while the two of us were still in high school. It seemed that his suicidal pessimism and fierce inner demons drove him to create some pretty incredible creative works. It was then that I developed a plan to harness his crippling depression and ride it to financial success, even if it killed him in the process. For the twelve years that I’ve known him I’ve treated him like a powerful creative furnace that I must feed with insults and contempt in order to produce clean, warm creativity. My greatest fear is that he will one day die or feel true joy.

-Gabe out

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