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Gabe / on Wed, Feb 9 2005 at 9:32 am

PAX ‘05

It is our goal with PAX to create the greatest gaming convention anywhere in the world.



It’s E3 for everyone.


It’s a Lan party with three thousand of your closest friends.

It’s table top gaming in a basement that seats hundreds.

It’s a room lit by nothing but the glow of big screen TV’s wired with all the latest consoles.


What we did is build the convention that we would want to go to, and now we’re inviting you.


I give you the PAX 05 site! This year we’ve added 36,000 square feet for the exhibition room and a gigantic new theatre that will literally seat thousands of humans. We still have the console room and the PC room but now we have separate rooms for tournaments. This means we don’t have to kick everyone off when it’s time for a 150 person Smash Brothers tournament. The exhibition room will once again be packed with game developers and publishers showing off their new shit. A brand new theatre will play host to panels with industry professionals and the greatest geek rock concert ever. Essentially imagine everything we did last year only bigger and better organized.

Pre-registration is now open and I’d like to tell you why I think it’s such a good idea for you to sign up early. We’re doing a lot of shit different this year that will make things easier for pre-registrants. Those of you who came last year probably remember this line.



It actually stretched three city blocks. This year if you pre-register we will mail you an information packet along with a wrist band. All you need to do is flash your wrist band at the door and you’re in. Not only that, pre-registrants actually get in an hour early!

That’s all cool but the real reason in my opinion to sign up early is the Omegathon.




Just like last year our twenty Omeganaughts will be drawn at random from the list of pre-registrants. I know what you’re saying. Your saying, “but Gabe, last year you gave away a videogame collection worth over $25,000! How can you possibly top that?” I understand your hesitation but you’re forgetting something very important. Penny Arcade doesn’t fuck around. Trust me when I say that this year we will deliver an even bigger prize to the winner of the Omegathon.


So get over to our bad ass new PAX site and pre-register your ass.

-Gabe out

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