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Tycho / on Fri, Apr 29 2005 at 11:41 am


I don’t know what characters look like long term in Guild Wars, just because I haven’t played it enough or seen high level characters floss for real on the avenues of Ascalon.

I do know that everybody basically looks awesome from the moment you click create.

Each class has a different style of head (or “face”) armor altogether, which is something I didn’t realize right away because it’s often not visible in social areas, and when I head to an adventure area it’s instanced so it’s just me in there.  Mesmers, one of the spellcasting classes, have a kind of “landed nobility” aesthetic you can see in play here on Gailgwynnid Harjast:

I guess I could shrink the image, but I think that looks pretty cool.  So they use masks, necromancers have different scar patterns, and monks have scalp tattoos.  There’s other classes, but I just thought it was a nice touch. 


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