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Tycho / on Fri, Apr 29 2005 at 2:49 pm

Nival Just Keeps On… Nivaling

I thought of myself, a select group of friends, and a minority of Penny Arcade readers as the only people who would find something like Silent Storm delicious - but I guess it’s possible I was wrong.  Somebody is buying these, at least, enough to sustain a niche title, and they appear to be

We just read about their new tactical tie in with Night Watch, and as a turn based game which leverages a world of modern fantasy it can accurately be described as my bailiwick.  Today, they announced the followup to Silent Storm itself - a more complete role-playing experience called Hammer & Sickle that takes place after the world war.  It is as though a lever became stuck somehow and a machine began to spit out tactical games at a remarkable rate. 

The only issues I have with Nival games have to do with their completely inadequate localization.  Understand that I am paying them a kindness when I describe it in that fashion.  When it was rare to see an entry in the genre, particularly one built on serviceable technology, I was willing to put up with a lot more.  It’s something they’re going to have to start taking seriously. 


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