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Gabe / on Fri, Aug 12 2005 at 10:45 am


People often ask me how we write the comics. What the process is like. Let me lay out an average “strip day” for you.

In our office we have two giant white boards. Whenever anyone says something even remotely humorous it gets written on the board. Just glancing over there now I see gems like “Socks are funny”, “Corn Men!” and “Poop, like from a butt”. So when it’s time to write a strip we sit down and we examine our idea boards, we check all the latest gaming news and we discuss whatever games we’ve been playing. Recently all our talk has focused on WOW because honestly there just isn’t anything else to play right now. The summer months are always dry but it seems this year has been especially bad. It’s like the ocean drawing back before a tsunami. In November the 360 will hit and we’ll be flooded with games and news and everything will be right with world. In the meantime I spend every night killing Horde with my friends.

So Tycho and I always end up talking about WOW when it comes time to write a comic. We feel bad when we do Warcraft strips though because we think you guys must be sick of them. So we end up writing the ideas down and trying to move on to something that doesn’t involve murlocs. Our white board has no less than five WOW strips on it. From overzealous enchanters to the auction house we’ve got ideas for days. We even have a very detailed plot for a serious multi page comic about the Darkmoon Faire and its mysterious operator Silas Darkmoon. We honestly spend twenty or thirty minutes just trying NOT to make a Warcraft strip.

Obviously today our resolve failed and we gave into the temptation. My poor sense of direction combined with my desire to lead made for an easy target. I hope those of you who don’t play WOW will forgive us. We promise next week we’ll be stronger.

-Gabe out

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