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Gabe / on Fri, Aug 12 2005 at 10:50 am

Shirts and stuff

I’d like to draw your attention to some new shirts over at Kiko has introduced a baby ringer version of his Jenkins Academy design. Also you can now pick up his defuse kit design in the form of a T-Shirt or a hoodie.

Kiko also worked up a logo for the Knights of Arcadia guild.

On the subject of WOW guilds, I’d like to congratulate a couple of Pandas. I was questing with Tycho and Kara last night. We had just finished up a fight with a group of especially angry Gnolls and I was sitting down to eat. The next thing I know a hunter’s mark appears above my head. I spin around and spot two Horde, both of them showing up as level skull or as my friend Brad likes to say “level fuck”. The two of them chewed through us with ease. Some lucky Panda grabbed all three of us in just a couple minutes. It must have felt like some kind of Horde Christmas.

-Gabe out

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