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Gabe / on Wed, Aug 17 2005 at 11:37 am

Oh no, it’s teh Alliance!

Some kind of Horde elementary school field trip stopped in Goldshire a couple nights ago. We called their parents and sent them all home. Crazy kids.

In response I took a server crushing raid into silver pine forest last night.

We stormed the Sepulcher to get the Horde’s attention and then fell back to a more defendable position away from the Guards. We regrouped way down at the bottom of the hill and prepared ourselves against the wave of Horde we knew must be coming. Sure enough they started pouring out of the Sepulcher. I’ve heard a lot about “Role Playing”  and I decided to give it a shot..

They rushed down the hill and both groups beat the hell out of each other. I’ll admit I don’t quite have the hang of this “RP” thing.

As the battle went on we started picking up momentum and actually ended up pushing the Horde all the way back up the hill and into town.

We had them on the ropes when the server crashed.

It was a premature end to what I think was a very fun raid. This was my first time leading a group of this size and I want to thank everyone for making it such a great experience. I asked my raid to keep the chatter down, to help your groups, to play smart and most important stick together. From what I saw everyone did exactly that. When we got beat back by the guards I was worried the raids would fall apart. Everyone regrouped though and we went on to repel the Horde response. Great work guys.

I’d also like to commend “Rogue Squadron” on their stellar performance last night. You guys know who you are and what you did, your service is appreciated.

-Gabe out

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