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Tycho / on Fri, Aug 19 2005 at 10:13 am

I Have An Announcement To Make

This post isn’t actually about World of Warcraft.

Near Menethil, there are a number of kill quests where you must seek out crocolisks of different kinds, except there are never enough of a specific type for all the people who want to do the quest, and they become an almost mythical creature.  The game takes place in a mythical context already, so we’re talking about truly nested levels of rarity.  I made up a little song to sing about crocolisks and their valuable skins just to pass the time. 

I sang all througout high school, not like in the halls or something but in classes explicitly designed for it.  I know hundreds of songs from all time periods, sea shanties, concert choral arrangements of Shakespeare sonnets, barbershop, folk, hundreds of songs.  But when I’m supposed to sing to our baby, a baby we are not certain can even hear yet, the only song that comes to mind is this crocolisk thing. 

No doubt he is already desirous of that supple leather.  I will ask him in December, when he emerges from my wife’s vagina.     


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