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Tycho / on Wed, Nov 2 2005 at 2:39 pm

Guitar Hero (and friends)

The final version of Guitar Hero is, as I hoped, a completely engrossing experience.  It was supposed to ship today, but I haven’t been able to find it at the usual suspects - your Electronics Boutiques et al.

Where I did find it was at Best Buy, and in ample supply - we picked up a few today for rocking late into the night.  If you were interested, they might be able to hook you up as well.

Of course, you will ultimately need another guitar controller - and it’s starting to look like stores won’t carry the guitar by its lonesome.  That’s something you’ll need to order direct from the manufacturer.  There is another option, if you know you’ll want two controllers from the outset:  a multiplayer bundle is also available from Red Octane. 

I’m overjoyed to see the response the game has garnered thus far.  I’m so used to having to inflict my beliefs on people until, battered and exhausted, they adopt them with an eye toward their own safety.  This is a nice change of pace. 


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