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Gabe / on Mon, Jan 9 2006 at 8:33 am

The Book

I had some questions about our new book that I figured I’d answer here rather than in emails.

Q. What if I can’t make it to your book signing on the 25th? Will I be able to buy an autographed copy of the book online?

A. As of right now the only way to get a copy signed is to come see us. Like I said, the first opportunity to do that will be this month out at the Comic Stop. After that you’ll need to catch us at a con, Sakuracon, Emerald City or San Diego.

Q. Is this book full of new stuff, or your same old tired shit?

A. I’m not sure this person is really a fan but the question is valid. This book “Attack of the Bacon Robots” is a collection of the first two years of Penny Arcade cartoons. It has a forward written by Bill Amend of FoxTrot fame. It also has a web comics manifesto written by Tycho. Many of the early comics have been “digitally re-mastered” by the wizards at Dark Horse and all of them are accompanied by some directors commentary from Tycho. They’ve also included a section in the back with some of my sketches from that period, which I find extremely embarrassing. All in all it’s quite a package.

Q. Will I be able to buy this at my local comic book store?

A. The chances are very good yes. At the very least you should be able to have your local shop order it for you. If purchasing things online is not your cup of tea you should have no trouble getting it from a real book store or comic shop. For those of you who love the web you’ll be able to order the book from ThinkGeek any day now although it won’t ship until the 25th.

That’s pretty much it I think. Come see us at the Comic Stop on the 25th. We’ll be there from 6pm-8pm signing and chatting and playing with puppies. One of those things was a lie.

-Gabe out

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