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Tycho / on Mon, Jan 16 2006 at 6:49 am

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Jesus Is My Guild Leader

We’re just sort of messing around in the strip - but I think the idea of sanctified clans is pretty cool.

I’m actually sort of surprised that there aren’t larger, more sophisticated projections of religion into this space.  I keep hearing that movies like Narnia are bolstered by some rushing current of believers, desperate to pile money on even allegorical representations of faith.  You hear about biblical games from time to time, usually in articles that seem surprised about the phenomenon, but I know kids who can only watch Veggie Tales at home.  Given prevailing fantasies about a child’s mind being scourged by violent games, the man who could make such a thing work need not enter the gates of heaven to receive his "reward."

In terms of the content, even as a person for whom the document has lost divinity there is still a lot of material in the bible that is highly resonant.  The old testament alone is a (pardon the term) Goddamn quarry from which you could haul potent themes.   You’ve basically got all the raw materials:  flawed regents, a chosen people in bondage, charismatic leaders, prophecy, magic,  artifacts,  war,  wisdom,  folly…  You would literally have to be retarded not to make this work.  Given the quality of the writing in most games, developers cribbing from the good book would be a "blessing."

As for clans being a type of ministry, I’d be curious to see how productive it is, you know, soul-wise, but it’s not particularly suprising.  My brother-in-law did "street-preaching" out in Maine, and it’s hard not to see the parallels:  the message is more disarming when delivered in your own context, perhaps from atop a bitching skateboard. 

The reality is that gamers are tremendously difficult to reach.  Speaking only for a very specific subset near the higher age bracket, I essentially don’t care about anything and I won’t watch television without stripping the commercials from it.  The Army realized this years ago, manifesting a startlingly forward thinking campaign for what I think most people consider a fairly traditional role.   Engage, who recently got in trouble with Valve for doing it, injected marketing messages into rounds of Counter-Strike for the spectacular Chicken Bacon Ranch, which is only $3.99 for a six inch sub.  Coincidentally, it’s also available in a meal, which comes complete with a drink and your choice of chips or cookie. 

Who knows how effective it actually is.       

(CW)TB out.

the sandcastle virtues are all swept away

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