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Gabe / on Mon, Jan 16 2006 at 9:58 am

PAX 06


It’s that time of year again, when a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of PAX. I know we’ve only dipped our toe into the rushing waters of 2006 but already the relentless current has gripped us and…uh…shit that one got away from me. It will be August before we know it, that’s all I’m trying to say. The website for PAX 06 has launched along with pre-registration for the event.

Now that we have some distance from it I am able to look back at PAX 05 objectively and say that it was the greatest gaming event ever held in the universe. More than 9,000 people descended on Bellevue last year for three days of absolute gaming bliss. The honest truth is that we would have to be idiots to think that we could top it. A sane man would look at what we have accomplished and say “PAX 05 was the pinnacle of man’s achievements. To even suggest that it could be topped is lunacy!”

But we say “what the hell lets do it again.”

What can you expect from PAX 06? All the same great tastes you loved from PAX 05 but now with half the fat. I apologize, I was up late last night.



We’ll be expanding the tabletop gaming experience this year and moving it into one of the nearby hotels. That means tons more space and we can keep it open all fucking night. Roll for initiative until your eyes bleed. Paint your tiny men until the wee hours of the morning. I’m honestly not very familiar with your culture but I’m sure the things you like to do will be greatly enhanced by the ability to do them all night!


Musical performances by the biggest names in nerd rock, rap and shit that defies categorization. Jam to the beat and get hip to the jive we’re laying down. It’s all good in the hood daddy-o. Peace out!

The Omegathon!

The third part of our three part triathlon of three things. This Ommegathon will be the most intense yet. A contest so fierce that we expect at least one Ommeganaught to die…and one to get pregnant. It will be quite a show.

Exhibition Hall!

Our initial slogan for PAX was “E3 for everyone.” But this year we’re thinking of changing it to “Fuck E3”. Seriously.

Indescribable Joy!

There’s simply too much happening at PAX 06 to try and write it all down. Coming to PAX is like looking into the face of God!



So are you ready to attend PAX 06? Have I succeeded in selling you on the event? If so, here are some links you’ll need.

PAX 06 Pre-Registration – Don’t register for a Hotel yet, we are still negotiating some deals. Tournaments will be a separate registration. We’ll email you that info when we have it so register with a valid email address.

The PAX Forums

Want to be an Enforcer? We could use the help. Click here and then send the completed form to This is your chance to take on the Black.

In other PAX news, the DVD for PAX 05 goes on sale tomorrow at ThinkGeek. You can download a trailer for the DVD right here.

Apologies to DarkPhibre and fye for stealing the PAX photos off their Flickr site.

-Gabe out

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