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Gabe / on Mon, Jan 16 2006 at 1:57 pm


The guys from Sabertooth came by last week and dropped off some copies of the PA CCG. The Game should be out in stores towards the middle of next month. From what I hear you’ll be able to buy it through ThinkGeek sooner though. I’d check for it around the end of this month.


The Penny Arcade game is a great game in and of itself. You could sit down with a Gabe and a Tycho deck and have a lot of fun. The Penny Arcade decks are actually a part of Sabertooth’s UFS or Universal Fighting System though. That means all our cards are compatible with the other decks in the UFS. As of right now that means you can mix Gabe and Tycho in with characters from Street Fighter and Soul Calibur. Pretty good company huh? Now we’ll finally be able to see who’d win a fight between Chun Li and Gabe.

-Gabe out

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