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Gabe / on Fri, Feb 24 2006 at 9:14 am

new facts

Imagine me pacing through a dark command center. The walls are covered in giant video screens scrolling though volumes of text and data. The sunken room is filled with row after row of computer terminals, each one occupied by a young man in a wrinkled white dress shirt with thick black glasses. My hands are clasped behind my back as I stalk the aisles. The only sounds are the soft hum of electronics, the gentle thrum of the air purification system and the rapid clicking of computer keyboards.

Then a scream! A young man, I think his name is Henson jumps to his feet and shouts “I’ve got something sir!” I move to his terminal and take the sheet of paper he’s holding in his outstretched hand never breaking eye contact with him. “Are you sure?” I say. He swallows hard, the kid smells like coffee and mountain dew but he stares right back at me and says. “I’m sure sir, this is it.”

I let my gaze drop to the print out he’s given me:

actually, there were only 6 mega man games before mmx. mmx came out in 1993, mm7 came out in 1995. they then released mmx2 & x3 for the snes before releasing mm8 for the ps1 and saturn.

mmx series is a spinoff.

gabe = you win.

tycho = go play your pc ^_^

Timothy J. Soehl

I look back up to find he’s still staring at me. The room is silent as I place my hand on his shoulder, “You did good today son. You did good.”

-Gabe out

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