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Tycho / on Fri, Feb 24 2006 at 8:37 am

Tycho - 2,127,000, Gabe - Difficult To Determine

You need to understand that when you "fuck with these," you are - in effect - fucking with a vast network of information gathering nodes.  That crow shit in Fellowship comes nowhere near.  Even Bothans, whose natural talent for espionage is well regarded, admit that my capacity for knowledge acquisition is somewhat intimidating

Let’s begin with Leighton, codename Double L:

I’m sure you’ve already recieved countless e-mails regarding this, and if
you have feel free to dispose of this. I’ve been a huge Mega Man fan since I
first played #2 on my Nintendo somewhere in the pre-historic era. The
CLOSEST there ever was to being a Mega Man 9 was a game called Mega Man and
Bass, in which you can play as either Mega Man or Bass, but this game did
NOT follow the regular "Mega Man" story line, at least not too closely. Alot
of people dispute that this is the missing 9, but that is simply not the
case. See "

/RnF.html#Plot ". I hope this sheds
even more light on your recondite situation. : )"

Well, Leighton, its not that it sheds light on my situation so much as it plunges my cohort deep into impenetrable darkness.  We’ll let Agent Shmidt deliver the Omega Strike:

"Although i’m sure various Megaman fans have
e-mailed you, their sniveling nerdy noses wrinkling at the thought of
their blue-bomber hero, to support your attrocious lies. . .they fail
to recall the game "Rockman and Forte"; which is often dubbed "Megaman
9". Although unreleased in America and not officially called the 9th
game by the cartridge itself, it was clearly numbered as such while in
production (confirmed by Capcom in Nintendo Power, March issue, 1998).
This would clearly make it evident that Tycho was indeed right in
calling you a "junkslut" junkslut…

Auf Wiedersehen,
Matthias von Shmidt II"

There.  Don’t you feel better?  No, I can imagine you wouldn’t.


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