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Gabe / on Mon, Mar 13 2006 at 10:47 am

My Weekend, if you care

Saturday was my six year wedding anniversary. We decided to have the grandparents come over and watch Gabe for the weekend while we relaxed at a fancy five star hotel in downtown Seattle. We made sure to find a place with wireless internet and we both took our laptops so we could play WOW all weekend. Normally at home we only play after Gabe goes to sleep so this was going to be a real treat.

A day or so before our anniversary Kara turned to me and said “We’ll have this hotel room all to ourselves with no baby, you know what we should do?”

My mind exploded into possibilities. We only had a day before we left for the hotel, where was I going to get an ostrich?

“We should do our first Molten Core run.” She says.

The words were like music in my ears.

“That’s hot.” I told her. Then I leaned in and whispered, “We should get fire resist enchants.”

So Saturday night we ordered a pizza to the hotel room and spent five hours in Molten Core. Each of us came away with an epic which was super cool. I know the first year anniversary is paper and I think the fourth is linen, I guess the sixth is Arcanist.

Everyone is always using the mac to make sappy personal sites. It’s got all these built in templates for wedding albums and new babies. I figured I’d take the pictures from our Anniversary in Molten Core and put together a little site. It’s just a .Mac page so I’m honestly not sure how long it will hold up to a link but here it is.

I’d like to clarify my current apple situation. I have not “switched”. I have simply added the mac to my computing life. I can’t get rid of the PC, that’s just not an option for anyone who likes to play games.

-Gabe out

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