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Gabe / on Mon, May 22 2006 at 3:36 pm

Tycho’s desk

People often ask me if they can come visit us at the Penny Arcade office. Some even make comments about how wonderful it must be to work in an environment like this one. I’m here to tell you this is no place you want to be. Let me show you what I see when I turn to my left.

This is Tycho’s work space or as I like to call it “Hell’s Shitter”


What you see above is a disgusting desk. As you approach it though you realize you are not merely looking at the desk of a disorganized or messy man. No, you are staring into the black heart of madness.


As you scan the surreal topography of this bizarre still life it’s hard not to wretch. It’s like a stinking three dimensional Salvador Dali painting. RAM and chocolate? Socks and Coffee cups? It doesn’t make sense. It can’t make sense.


You can almost imagine a time when a man sat here and threw garbage into a waiting trash can. Now the can is buried beneath a pile of rotting filth and the man has thrown away everything that made him human.


The air in our office is literally thick with stink. It’s hot and wet like a swamp. There are days when I am simply rendered unconscious by the stench. I lay face down at my desk for hours until the toxic fumes induce dreams and visions so terrible that I wake up screaming.

-Gabe out

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