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Gabe / on Wed, Jun 7 2006 at 12:48 pm

The ESRB thing

So I’m in the office today as long as it takes to create the next limited edition laser cell. I’m expecting a long night. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with a design for this one and so far all I’ve got is about fifty pages of sketches that I hate. As of right now it looks like it will probably be a Dr. Raven Darktalon Blood piece but the way things are going that could easily change.

The news about our ESRB ad campaign has been making the rounds. I’ve seen it mentioned now on just about every news site I visit. I feel like I explained our reasoning behind taking the project in my earlier post and I’m really happy to see that most of the comments about the campaign are positive. I’ve been doing Penny Arcade long enough to know that you can’t please everyone and some people just don’t like us no matter what we do. With that said I feel really good when I read a thread like the one over at Gamespot. Most people seem to get what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. As always I find the complaints that we have sold out especially funny. If message boards and my inbox are to be believed then we have been selling out since 1999. I’ve said it before but I will reiterate it for those of you who just joined us. Trust me, you’ll know when we sell out and it won’t be to the ESRB. When that glorious day does finally arrive and our corporate masters take control of the site it will be obvious. The trappings of their fortune 500 brand identity will adorn the site like tinsel on a Christmas tree. You will of course need to direct your hate mail to my new address at that point, Gabe@tropical-island.beach. I can’t guarantee a reply.

I was disappointed at the resolution of the images they released. Like I said everyone here is extremely proud of these ads and so I’ll go ahead and post some better versions. These are designed to be read in a magazine. The idea is that kids will actually be turning the page around in order to read the text. It doesn’t quite work as well with a monitor but you get the idea. Just click for the large versions.


-Gabe out

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