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Tycho / on Wed, Jun 14 2006 at 11:02 am

This Is Why I Don’t Link Comics

I am sometimes taken to task by idiots for not linking more online comics.   These are often the same idiots - mealy-mouthed idiots, cabals of mumuring idiots in the dark, perpetual failures angry at the universe - that imagine we use our traffic as a weapon.   

What they don’t seem to understand (because they are idiots - see above) is that any link I formulate is like directing the Eye of Sauron on that person’s rack at the ISP.  Any link.  The intention is irrelevant.  Because they are scrabbling,  turned-in on themselves, base and carnal scavengers,  it must be that every act bears with it some hostile payload, because this is how they comport themselves in every gnarled chunk of electronic correspondence, and all the world must be thus.

The upshot is that I have linked you to something that I enjoy, and think you might enjoy, and what has actually happened is that the site is now barely accessible, and people with the misfortune of  being hosted on the same equipment are now inaccessible to me as well.  There’s your dark consipiracy, idiots.  I’m polite.  That’s why I don’t link comics.


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