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Tycho / on Sun, Sep 10 2006 at 5:30 pm

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Horse D’Oeuvres

Wild of eye and manner, Gabriel burst into the room and offered up these choice morsels.  Given the sensitivity of today’s topic, I should stress that he did not offer up choice morsels of horse, horse morsels, which I suppose might be called horsels

I thought it was fair to ask where he came by this sort of incendiary rhetoric, rhetoric so hot  you could roast a horse on it.  "Willie Nelson," he declared, with (I think) more sincerity and devotion than was strictly necessary.  I asked him if William Nelson was considered an expert on…  this, this brand new topic which before this moment I had never considered, and he said that he wasn’t entirely sure but that we couldn’t be too careful and that horses were in the Wild West, which made them American Citizens. 

"Abraham Lincoln even married a horse," he added, arms folded in a manner that suggested he was operating from a position of inviolate truth.     

As is reflected in my Wikipedia entry, my Grandmother is a horse - so these revelations hit close to home, or barn.

I thought Enchanted Arms had seized me altogether, a task at which magic limbs would no doubt excel, but I simply could not resist the lure of those baying HOUNDS.  It’s nice to return to familiar territory - I felt this when I’d gotten pulled back into World of Warcraft by the stalwart Knights of Arcadia.  Trust me, I’ve been to fucking Westfall.  VanCleef actually came to my birthday.  But looking down from Sentinel Hill toward the lumber mill and seeing an unbroken cord of friendly guilds ranks near the top of my memories (of simulated events).       

Like the original MOHAA for the PC, a game whose multiplayer game was not actually complete and was probably included on accident, there are almost - almost -  unforgivable networking issues with Chromehounds.  But it’s not even about Chromehounds anymore, not really.  Chromehounds is just the place we’re hanging out, with a crew that hasn’t played together since (easily) 2002.  I think of it as the reunion tour.  Reviews of last night’s performance are already coming in from enemy squads, who have called our combination of dynamic tactics and precision ordnance "unrelenting." 

(CW)TB out.

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