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Gabe / on Mon, Oct 2 2006 at 2:20 am

New Podcast

Our latest Podcast went up over the weekend. I figured many of you probably missed it, so here’s Tycho’s post from Saturday.

-Gabe out

Welcome to the show notes for Downloadable Content 9/20/2006, "In Breach Of Warranty." The episode is available for direct download at this link, or feel free to subscribe to our iTunes compatible feed here. We have not settled on a schedule, rather, we’ve just begun leaving the recorder on every time we write. It’s different: people can actually just walk in, and without their knowledge they’ve become a part of the "show." It may become more standardized as we refine our process, but I know better than to make promises on this score. I hope you enjoy it, it’s been gone a lot longer than we intended. This helpful guide should help you get the most out of it.

0:01 - I’m talking about Bluetooth pairing, here. Gabe couldn’t understand why it was awesome.

2:24 - "Tender" is what I call Brenna in unguarded moments. I don’t know why.

2:34 - Believe it or not, and I would understand if you didn’t, there are even more shameful stories than this.

3:54 - Rumpole of The Bailey is one of my favorite shows.

4:43 - Apparently, you can play as the Master Hand in Super Smash Brothers? Huh.

6:09 - The "Document" Robert refers to here is the Working Document (a kind of linear walkthrough) for On The Rain Slick Precipice Of Darkness.

8:18 - There’s a demo of Sonic the Hedgehog on Live, if you want. We liked it eventually. At first, we didn’t quite understand the "rhythm" of it. You’ll know what I mean when you play it.

10:10 - "Tell ‘em why you mad" is a quote from The Madd Rapper. He has an album of his own I guess, but we never listened to it. The quote is specifically from a song on Biggie’s Life After Death album entitled "Kick In The Door."

11:18 - Culdcept Saga was shown again at TGS, and they keep releasing the videos on the US version of Marketplace, so I’m looking forward to playing a stateside release. I’ve talked about it before. It’s the "Magic: The Gathering" meets "Monopoly" game, the sort of ultraniche thing thing you’d never expect to see on that platform.

11:46 - Bioware has a DS group now. Exquisite!

13:09 - The show Gabe was talking about is right here - it was IGN Weekly’s 25th episode. It has Splinter Cell: Double Agent footage I’ve never seen anywhere else, but there’s also this strange sort of… I guess "plot"(?) running through it. I don’t keep up with the show, so I don’t know if this sort of thing happens a lot.

14:44 - I start quoting House of Pain here for some reason. It’s the song "I’m A Swing It," from their album Same As It Ever Was. Yes, they continued to make albums after "Jump Around."

15:28 - After TGS, I think it’s pretty clear that they plan to release something this year. I don’t think their online offering will actually be in place at launch, not in its entirety. It doesn’t really mean anything long term - the Xbox launched with nothing on that score, and built up the industry standard service. I’m just saying.

16:14 - Here’s those screenshots of "Colors" screenshots I was talking about. I think you will agree: odd.

25:46 - The comic I’m talking about in this part can be found here. It is from the year ninety-nine, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

(CW)TB out.

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