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Gabe / on Mon, Oct 30 2006 at 10:16 am

Happy Halloween

Tycho’s wife Brenna is actually a professional costume maker. We roped her into creating some Halloween costumes for the boys this year. Kara and I decided to make Gabe a Moogle and Tycho wanted Elliot to be a Crocolisk. Yes I know we are huge fucking nerds.

Here’s Kara getting Gabe’s Moogle costume on.

Brenna walking her Crocolisk

A mighty Crocolisk growl!

A Moogle in repose.

I can’t wait to explain what he is at every house we go to tonight.

He’s even got the Crocolisk tongue.

Gabe was not thrilled with the head piece.

So we let him take it off.

And then gave him a cupcake.

Hey, that’s not canonical!

We’ll probably be taking Gabe out to do his trick or treating at the mall tonight. It’s going to be about a million degrees below freezing today so it’s probably best to seek our candy inside. This will be the first year we take him out on Halloween and I’m really excited. Everyone knows it’s a Dad’s job to check all the candy before the kid can eat any. Got to make sure it’s all safe to eat.

-Gabe out

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