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Tycho / on Mon, Oct 30 2006 at 7:38 am

Splinter Cell For The Original Xbox

Is a completely different game.

I’d gotten that impression already from an older magazine article, and certainly the screenshots from current-gen versions - showing Sam clearly working with a partner on many missions - were intriguing.  Gamespot‘s also calling the story itself better executed than the next-generation offering.  This would not surprise me - I’m enjoying the new one a lot, but I’m a “Splinter Cell Fan” in the way that people are “Metal Gear Fans” or were once “Final Fantasy Fans.”  This said, what happens in prison apparently stays in prison, because the storytelling there is (to put it mildly) “jarring and abrupt.”  I’m open to a more narrative interpretation of the franchise, as long as they actually narratively interpret some shit.

This might be one to prioritize for Backwards Compatibility, guys, especially with much of the work already done on its predecessor.

The most powerful motivator to grab the title on the older systems is the return of the unbelievably cool co-op missions.  I’ve raved, wild of eye, on Seattle streetcorners about this mode on Chaos Theory and I’m about to do it again here.  This is the future of the series, whether they like it or not.  The original came with four missions and then delivered another two online, while the new co-op mode actually drops twelve missions right on the disc.  There’s also another new multiplayer mode that appears to emphasize a type of aggressive spy.  But for those who were disappointed by the next-gen’s dismissal of the novel cooperative mode, this is your cue to perform a celebratory dance.


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