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Gabe / on Fri, Nov 17 2006 at 10:24 am

Child’s Play

The Child’s Play website has been updated with more events taking place all over the country. If you would like to set something up in your neck of the woods please send a mail over to Kristen. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it here already but Kristen is actually in charge of Child’s Play this year. IF you’ve attended PAX you know her better as Princess Red Dot. She’s the voice on the loud speaker and the official “Mom” of the show. She actually did an interview with Fleen a couple weeks ago. If you missed it you can see it here.

One of the events you’ll see on that list is our annual charity dinner/auction. We’ve got some incredible items this year and I thought I’d share some of them with you. These are all items you’ll be able to bid on in either the live or the silent auctions.

-A Penny Arcade gaming day for four.
You and three of your buddies come to our office and we do it up right. We’ve got consoles and T.V’s all over the place as well as some arcade machines and a ping pong table. If none of that sounds good we have enough Nerf weaponry to arm a small country. One way or another we guarantee a good time.

-An appearance in a Penny Arcade strip.
This is a popular one every year and it’s usually saved for the very end of the live auction. If you’ve always wanted to be in a strip this is your chance.

-Two PAX card art banners.
Remember those giant banners at PAX with the artwork from the Penny Arcade card game on them? Want one?

-Two PAX comic banners.
Same thing as before but these are the giant comic strip banners.

-Two year subscription to World of Warcraft, plus the Burning Crusade special edition signed by all the developers.
Now that’s some epic fucking loot.

- A Gears of War gift pack.
These guys really hooked us up. This pack includes the special edition Gears of War as well as a GOW faceplate signed by the developers.

-Skateboard decks from Red Octane and Behemoth.
Do you love to shred and grind? Do you like Guitar Hero and Alien Hominid? Then these are the decks for you!

-A tour of Bungie and a line of dialogue in Halo 3.
I shit you not. You get to go hang out at Bungie and they’ll put your voice in Halo 3.

-The script from the pilot episode of Heroes signed by all eleven of the main characters.
As you know we here at PA have dubbed Heroes the new Lost. Thanks to Oliver over at Heroes for hooking us up with this awesome piece of the show.

In addition to all that we have a bunch of awesome gear coming from Dell like LCD’s as well as one of Widow PC’s kick ass gaming laptops. There’s also a bunch more stuff like PA laser Cells, Annual subscriptions to Live and lots of consoles and peripherals. If you want a shot at this stuff or you just want to have an incredible night out with some really good people, go get your tickets now. The space isn’t huge and we will sell out of tickets. I recommend picking them up as soon as you can.

I’d also like to draw attention to a very cool Ebay auction benefiting Child’s Play. Craig over at camped out all week for a PS3 and now he’s auctioning it off with 100% of the proceeds going to Child’s Play. You can see the auction here. You can also see Craigs video blog of the entire ordeal over here at After watching the videos we sent the poor bastard a couple pizzas. It turns out trying to order a pizza from Seattle for a person standing in line at a Best Buy in Texas is actually quite an ordeal.

“Yeah his name is Craig and I’m pretty sure he’s the eighth person in line. You’ll see him he’s got a hat on.”

So a huge thanks to Craig and the people over at Screwattack. An equally big thanks to all the individuals and companies that donated items to the auction this year. If you’re a developer and you have something you think would be great for the auction please contact Kristen.

-Gabe out

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