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Gabe / on Mon, Nov 27 2006 at 3:34 pm

PvP the animated series

So the big news today, in the world of web comics at least is that PvP is getting itself animated. Scott posted the news along with a little teaser over on his site. He’s actually writing the entire thing with the help of Kris Straub. I was a big fan of the old Blamimations they did together and I’ve told them both whenever possible that they needed to collaborate more. I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable and it just so happens I have issues with anxiety so I’m essentially uncomfortable all day. That means I spend a lot of my time making jokes. When Scott and Kris were up here visiting I hardly said a word. They’re just too funny and they’re always on. You just can’t compete with them, all you can do is laugh.

Anyway their doing this animated series now and I think they’re doing a lot of things right.

They’re collaborating on it, they’re writing them all in advance and they made sure they got talented people to animate it. All good stuff.

At first I thought the decision to go with Blind Ferret was a mistake. I don’t have any horse in this race so I don’t mind saying that their previous endeavor was some of worst flash bullshit I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how much of that was them and how much was the material they were given to work with but it doesn’t really matter. The name does not inspire confidence. Scott’s told me that this is a fresh team of new talented animators and from what I’ve seen it shows. Personally if I were them I’d change my name but maybe they really like ferrets.

I’ve seen him take a lot of flak for the voices and that’s a tough call. You’ll never be able to give the characters voices that sound right for everyone. We all hear something different in our heads when we read a comic. I’ve gone on record as saying that I think Gabe should be voiced by Sean Connery should the need ever arise. I think Brent is solid, I think Francis sounds like a person trying to sound like a kid and I think Scott should voice Skull. Scott says he wouldn’t do as good a job as the pro they’ve got doing Skull now but he’s wrong.

I’ve seen how hard they’re working on it and I know how funny they can be. I’m a few years younger than Scott but I still want to say I’m proud of them both. An animated series of this quality and scale is a massive undertaking. I really hope it’s a huge success for them. You can watch the trailer and pre-order the first season here.

Also I forgot to mention one of our new shirts. At conventions people like to ask us how we came up with the Fruit Fucker. It’s a long story but it involves a company called Fucker co. Will people buy a shirt with the word “fucker” on it? I guess we’ll see.

-Gabe out

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