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Gabe / on Mon, Nov 27 2006 at 12:05 pm

Wii, R6 and the Store

Joystiq had some interesting articles up over the weekend about introducing your family to the Wii. I actually had a similar experience. We had a house full of friends and family for Thanksgiving and the Wii was really the star of the show. Kara and I both had parents over and we actually had a hard time getting them off of Wii sports. I can’t even count how many rounds of bowling I must have played. It was amazing to watch how easily they picked it up and how much fun they had. What was great was watching Kara’s Dad who loves to bowl but can’t anymore because of his knees. I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes home this week and tries to pick one up.

I think the Wii really is the ultimate party machine. If you crack out Rayman or Wii sports with some friends it’s just instant fun. It really hasn’t been able to occupy much of my solo gaming time though. I’m not sure if that will change but for right now it’s just something that gets broken out when we have company. Sort of like twister or Trivial Pursuit. Will it collect dust like those other games in between family gatherings and game nights with our friends? I guess we’ll see.

I played a fuck ton of Rainbow Six Vegas over the weekend. Some of the guys here have jumped right into the multiplayer and I could see them on every night earning new ranks. I wanted to join them but I just couldn’t pull myself away from the single player campaign. I never thought I’d say this but Vegas has a really awesome storyline. After the end of the first mission I was hooked. It really plays out like a big budget action movie. More than any other Tom Clancy Game I’ve played, Vegas feels like something I’d go watch in a theater. The only thing it’s missing is Harrison Ford. I know lots of you probably picked it up for the multi or you’re playing through the missions in coop. I’m telling you all that stuff is awesome but if you skip the single player you really are doing yourself a disservice.

It’s a huge day for the Penny Arcade store. We’re launching a bunch of new stuff. Here’s a quick run down:

-DS owners show your pride with our new "Lite Brigade” shirt

-The pinnacle of seventh grade math class humor, the “boobies” shirt.

-Fruit Fucker Prime makes his shirt debut in our new “Fruit Fucker Apocalypse” design.

I don’t know where you live, but here in Seattle its fucking cold. We figure it might be cold where you are too so we’ve taken many of our most popular designs and put them on hoodies.

-Put down that lantern and pick up this Zelda inspired “Life” hoodie.

-You don’t need a flaming uppercut to stay warm in this “Shoryuken” hoodie.

-Our “Jesus is Metal” hoodie is what God would wear if he ever got cold.

-Insert yourself into this “Insert Coin” hoodie and you’ll be nice and toasty.

“Rogues do it from Behind”... while they wear this rad hoodie!

So take a look around the store. I guarantee there’s some good stuff in there for the geeks on your list this year.

-Gabe out

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