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Tycho / on Mon, Nov 27 2006 at 12:00 am

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The Turkey Trilogy, Episode Three

Our Turkey Triloging comes to a close with this, our denouement.  Gabriel is, of course, a caricature of the genuine article.  On the other hand, the grandma and the greasy fireman are only too real.  I sometimes wish that the fireman were less real, particularly when I am sent to the basement on an errand.     

Brooding at dusk, I would often burn with jealousy toward Windows Media Center owners - there were many reasons, but chief among them was their use of Transcode360 to view videos of any format on their Xbox 360.  It seemed clear that with the Fall Update - the one that allowed video streaming from any Windows box, as long as the source was a .wmv - the rest of us would get a solution for this before much time had passed.  I’d been keeping an eye on HappyBeggar, watching their attempts at automating the process which eventually became the application Encode360, but I was looking for something that would convert videos upon request, and translate them in real-time.  Yes:  I’m high-maintenance

On the same site, they mentioned that TVersity (an application which performs networked media sorcery) had a recent preview update which does exactly what I want, and quite possibly what you want:  let me watch my Divx/Xvid shows through my 360.  Depending on the source resolution and the desired output, it may be that you need a pretty mean machine to get the job done in real-time.  Demanding that incoming video be in their own format constitutes a fairly heavy load.  But if you’re a gamer who splits their time between personal computers and consoles, you probably have enough beef - then again, you probably have an Xbox Media Center.  That might be another post altogether.     

You should be able to resolve any issues with your installation combing through their announcement thread.  Even if you have no interest in video per se, you might be intrigued by TVersity’s other capabilities - the audio features in particular.  Imagine being able to listen to podcasts or Internet radio stations live through the Dash, on demand, in any game.  Appealing.

I stopped playing Legend of Zelda last night not because I wanted to, no - I stopped because it was physically impossible to continue.  I was conscious, and aware, but the body resisted my will.  Seriously, it was like the One video.  At one point the eyes just shut down.  I considered going on like this, compensating with my other senses, taking up the aegis of the mole rat, when other (historically, quite loyal!) portions of the body joined the growing revolt.  I thought I should probably stumble upstairs before other, more crucial organs began to ignore Central Command.     

(CW)TB out. 

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