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Gabe / on Fri, Dec 1 2006 at 11:05 am

the PAA!

I realize I haven’t talked much recently about the Penny Arcade Alliance over on Dark Iron. That’s not because they aren’t still out there slaughtering Horde. It’s just that with all the console games that hit recently I haven’t had time to join them.

A couple of nights ago they actually held a massive raid party. The Penny Arcade Alliance was able to pull together 23 full 40 man raids. That’s a fuck ton of people.

Here’s a couple choice screen shots from the night’s adventures.

They actually crashed the server at one point. Someone thought it would be funny once the servers came back up to send a GM a ticket about the event.

Dear GM’s

We crashed your servers, What did they drop?



What’s funny is the GM actually had a pretty good sense of humor and responded.

<GM>[Kaznata] whispers: You crashed our servers and want the loot?

<GM>[Kaznata] whispers: They dropped a whole room full of angry IT people. They are EoP. That is Explode on Pickup. =P

Good to see a GM having some fun.  

So congrats to the PAA. It’s good to know that you’re all still out their fighting the good fight.

-Gabe out

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