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Gabe / on Mon, May 14 2007 at 11:29 am

my bad

I’d like to apologize to one of the teams we played last night in Halo 3. Sadly today’s comic really isn’t too far from the truth. Halo has some strange power that makes me really want to talk shit. I honestly don’t endorse that sort of behavior in any of the other games I play. Also, I’m used to playing Rainbow 6 where voice communication is limited to your own team. So I feel bad because last night I was defending our flag against a team of penny arcade fans who honestly seemed like a good bunch of guys. However after being put down by one of them a couple times I finally got the jump on him and as his body hit the ground I said something to the effect of “go fuck yourself.” And also I think I made a spitting noise.

That was unnecessary.

So in case you run into us during the beta I just want to be clear, it’s not me…it’s the Halo talking.

Hey here’s a cool new wallpaper. This was drawn by me and colored by Imaginary Friends studios. This is still one of my favorite storylines.


We will actually be turning this into a poster that will be sold exclusively at Sand Diego Comic Con this year. So if you dig it be sure and come by our booth or send a friend to pick it up.

-Gabe out

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