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Tycho / on Fri, May 25 2007 at 5:56 am

Playstation 3 Update 1.80, etc.

This thing is pretty huge. 

I don’t mean in terms of kilobytes - I mean it’s packed tight with powerful features.  Upscaling of content has been in demand, and it’s been delivered.  Like the 360 Elite, you need to be hooked up via a managed connection (i.e., HDMI) to upscale a DVD.  Past that, it will knock up your old PS/PS2 games  to 1080p, but the results we’ve gotten here haven’t been supernatural - still appreciated, though.

The real flavor is elsewhere:  specifically, the ability to stream video, pictures, and music from "a DLNA compliant device," which you’ll find just about every computer already is.  That’s only half of it.  The Remote Play option of the PSP (the one that lets you enjoy certain types of content stored on your PS3 via your PSP) is deeply enriched by this capacity.  You can do this much already.  But with the next update for the Playstation Portable - 3.50, to be released before the end of the month - you’ll be able to access your PS3 remotely via any wireless connection.  I must say, starting a download at home while I’m still at the office sounds pretty Goddamn good. 

Also, while we are loving the PSP, am I the only person enthralled by the idea of R-Type Tactics


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